Getting our bearings straight

Getting our bearings straight

I posted a quick post earlier to let everyone know that we got here ok, but I did want to elaborate a little bit on how our day went. We checked in with plenty of time into the new Tom Bradley terminal at LAX which was really beautiful, but smaller than I expected. After meeting up with our Copenhagen travel buddies John, Jessica, and Nicole we grabbed a quick dinner at Umami Burger and boarded the plane. As you can imagine, the flight was long, but we had pretty easy trip otherwise. The brand new Boeing Dreamliner is certainly a marvel to behold. Not only was it beautiful and roomy inside, the performance was incredible as well. My favorite parts were the dimmable large windows and improved pressurization system that reduces jet lag. We all felt less weary at the end of the flight than other trips we have taken. For more information on the plane, check out the link here.

We got through customs at the airport pretty quickly and before we knew it we were hopping on the metro to our hotel. Danish is a difficult language so we were laughing at each other trying to pronounce the names of the metro stations. The one closest to our hotel is Kongens Nytorv. When the stop came up it sounded nothing like it looked. Oh well, by the end of the week I think we will be experts.

After freshening up at the hotel we decided to wander around a bit because the weather was beautiful. The sun was just starting to dip low in the sky and cast and orange hue to everything along the canals so we took advantage of the beautiful light to take some pictures and explore the neighborhood. We wandered along Nyhavn with it’s canals, boats, and colorful buildings until we came to Strøget, one of Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping streets. It was there that we found a great gastropub called Tight. Mussels, fois gras, burgers, and schnitzel. Mmmmmm. Afterwards we found a stand peddling chocolate-dipped waffles which we enjoyed on the walk back. Inevitably, the chocolate ended up everywhere including all over my face and white shirt.

After a quick local beer at the hotel bar we headed to bed. It’s about 10:00 p.m. here and we are exhausted, but on the plus side I think we are quickly acclimating to the new time zone. Tomorrow is an exciting day because that is when we will be dining at Rene Redzepi’s world-renowned restaurant Noma. More to come!

Cheers, Chelsie & Andrew




Nyhavn at night

Nyhavn at night

Local beer after a long travel day

Local beer after a long travel day



  1. As always, have a safe trip… Reading your blog is always so much fun. Please keep the wonderful pictures coming.

  2. Off to a great start! Can’t wait to hear about the “best restaurant in the world” tomorrow!!! :)

  3. Hi guys, I didn’t even know you were going to Copenhagen. How great. Have a safe trip and I can’t wait to keep up on your blog.
    Love you Auntie

  4. Oh boy, we are on a trip once more. Thanks for the updates, how we love your trips. Eat some for us too, wish we could have tasted that choc waffle. Love you, Nana and Papa

  5. Looking forward to hearing more! Throw a few local brews back for Michelle and I! Safe travels!


  6. We’re on vacation again! Woo Hoo! Love the photos and I think I could live there, so beautiful! Have fun and love to you both. Bill and MOM

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